Room with a view!

Hardly a selling point….the window was there at one time, but seems to have lost it’s purpose. Recognisable as a window surround, but with an inability to let light in.

Can we actually still call it a window?!

Faith can feel a little like this. Some want faith to be certain and hedged about with what is regarded as truth. The reality is that faith is often more about uncertainty. This does not mean a negative outlook on life and belief. It is holding doubt and faith in tension. Just like the photograph above.

The is something beyond the blocked window, intuitively we know that. Again, a picture of faith. Those moments when all we have is a hunch or a dim whisper, a crack of light with the faintest glow.

Jesus commended faith as small as a mustard seed, which can literally move mountains!

Thank you for taking time to read this musing.

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