Faith and hope..

A big subject is the title of the blog for today! I’m making an assunption that we all get through our days with some degree of faith and hope. We may have days with a greater dose of each, other times we may struggle or find it difficult to find either.

This photograph I took a few years ago on a visit to the Isle of Arran just oozes faith and hope. The rainbow is always a reassuring sight, and the presence of Goat Fell offering a sense of stability.

During the past year we have all had to deal with the twists and turns of the emerging pandemic. Because of the latter, we can no longer travel to Arran and be there, enjoying what the Island has to offer. But there will still be rainbows and Goat Fell has not moved!

All this got me pondering about Faith and Hope. It is what is offered to each of us, every moment of every day. The Holy Spirit bringing the reality of God into our lives, in a completely unique way. The choice is entirely ours. It is never forced.

So give yourself a space to just rest and allow the scene to resonate in your heart and soul.

Blessings and peace,


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