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One of the great sadnesses that I carry in my heart, is the way that religion has a tendency to exclusiveness, not inclusiveness. The kind of ‘my God is greater than yours syndrome.’ This speaks more about the human need for power and control, which creates division and suspicion and misunderstanding.

The photograph above proclaims what I feel inside; hopefulness, and inclusiveness. God reaching out to all humanity, whatever colour or creed. Not an exclusive, my religion or faith is better than yours; a simple window into the heart of God.

I have had the honour of working with people of many faiths and the truth is that there is more that binds us, than keeps us apart. It comes down to humility. God reaches out to us in humility and declares the love that knows no boundary. We in turn reach out to others in humility; not with overbearing power or control, which only creates division and suspicion.

The symbol of the cross is many faceted; the reality behind it has a simple word to describe what is happening… INCLUSIVE.

Blessings and peace be with you…..

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