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We have been through many changes over the past year, and have no doubt adapted in our own unique way. The chameleon has the incredible ability to change its body colour to match it’s surroundings, although it seems to have failed in this photograph!

We have all got our own stories of the pandemic, which will stay with us for a long time. Into the mix comes our own faith, which has no doubt had ups and downs! It certainly has for me.

When I reflect on the past year, I see how my own understanding of God’s love has changed and developed. In the moments of uncertainty, I have become aware of the depth of the love of God for all humanity. Hope in the middle of fear; and the assurance of peace in the middle of noise and words.

I have needed to adapt, as we all have, but what undergirds it all is that the love of God never changes. It never gives up, gets tired, or has a break.

God speaks to us where we are, even in the daily changes that we have to deal with.

Love without ending.

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